As marketing campaigns become increasingly omnipresent and draw ever-larger audiences, marketers have to combat oversaturated channels by ensuring their strategies and products stand apart from the competition. Many companies are adopting more inclusive and diverse marketing strategies to appeal to more socially conscious consumers. While this approach proves beneficial, some companies’ desperation to distinguish their campaigns have led to controversial and offensive blunders. These tone-deaf missteps can dissuade consumers, especially as more are becoming more conscious—and less forgiving—of stereotypes and offensive humor used in marketing campaigns.

Effective marketing campaigns, in turn, hinge on diversity as a means of establishing appropriate messages that appeal to consumers of all backgrounds and walks of life. When it comes to successfully executing these campaigns, marketers must work toward authentically approaching diversity, often from the inside out.

Establish Diversity

If companies are looking to create authentic campaigns, they must begin by establishing and promoting diversity from within. By cultivating teams of diverse employees, companies are better able to garner a variety of perspectives and opinions, which will begin to inform their marketing strategies. This information can, in turn, ensure advertisements are not offensive, but resonate with consumers instead.

When diversity is established in a company, however, it must remain an ongoing goal. Just because a team reflects diverse backgrounds doesn’t mean it should simply remain present. These diverse groups should be valued for their insights and included in decision-making processes.

Reflect the Target

All marketing campaigns target specific consumers, and marketers can use their audience to establish a connection. Marketing teams can ensure their strategies are appealing by fostering diversity within the team that reflects the backgrounds and perspectives similar to the target audience. This specialization helps marketers better understand their target audience and their needs, and how to better satisfy those needs.

Promote Inclusivity

It’s important for marketers to promote inclusivity within their campaigns. This doesn’t necessarily mean marketers must appeal to all consumers, but rather focus on campaign linguistics. When marketers purposefully select inclusive language, they can ensure they are still communicating effective messages while considering the complexities of the consumer base.

By promoting diversity from the inside out and emphasizing inclusivity in strategies, marketers can ensure they are producing campaigns that are authentic and successful in their approach to diversity.