With more information made available to consumers via the internet and other marketing channels, consumers have become more research-focused when deciding which product or service to pursue. This approach is also seen in the academic sphere; when it comes to higher education, the process of applying still hinges predominantly on research. Students seeking to enroll in a college or university often gather as much information about the programs as possible before making a decision. While some of these influential factors are familiar, including campus tours, recommendations, and major course offerings, videos have shown to be effective education marketing efforts as well.

Videos prove valuable in influencing students’ decision to apply to programs, as they provide universities the ability to differentiate their institutions from other competitors. Through videos, universities can explore what majors and clubs are offered and showcase post-graduation success rate. These videos also create a sense of familiarity for prospective students, as they share pertinent information which allows students to visualize what their college experience could entail. This visualization can allow students to forge relationships with the institution, faculty, and community, which elicits confidence and enthusiasm during the application process. As a result, prospective students may become more motivated to apply.

These videos are especially helpful in distinguishing online universities, as well. In fact, 80% of prospective students maintained that watching online videos influenced their application to online universities. As online programs don’t have campuses to serve as communal grounds for tours and engagement, prospective students may have a difficult time envisioning their future with the program. Online institutions can use videos to provide further insight into social and academic experiences, enabling students to visualize their college experience and feel as though they are connecting with faculty and other students prior to enrollment.

Just as videos can establish program expectations and experiences to entice prospective students, they can also assist with the enrollment journey. Institutional videos can deliver valuable information about applying, making payments, signing up for classes, and more. This can ensure students remain informed and on track throughout the process of application.

When it comes to education marketing efforts, videos prove valuable in delivering pertinent information, forging relationships, and encouraging students to envision their academic futures and apply.