Google Announces Launch of New Learning Center

Recently, Google announced the launch of a new learning center located in New York City. The program is called, “Grow with Google,” and it provides workshops on resume building, digital skills training, online marketing, and more for small businesses, teachers, and individuals.

This announcement is both exciting and profoundly revolutionary to the way that education functions in our society. Built for anyone in New York, the learning center provides free workshops that enable and empower community members to tap the upside potential of the digital economy. Similar to the way Google provides a conduit to free and accessible information online, it is now  applying this approach to a physical education center.

To bring this idea to fruition, Google has partnered with several local organizations, including the New York Public Library, CUNY, Per Scholas, Goodwill, and the NY Chamber of Commerce.

The skills that this learning center aims to provide are imperative to prospering in today’s world. Personal marketing has become indispensable when searching for a job, networking, and even dating. Google aims to give individuals the tools to understand what effective personal marketing looks like via resume building workshops.

In terms of marketing for small businesses, it is critical to have a clean, emotive, and accurate online image to optimize marketing strategies. Online presence is essential for companies attempting to grow their customer base.

The launch of this new learning center will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the future of technology education and innovation, giving more individuals and businesses the skills and understanding to maximize their online influence. Click here for the original article on the launch: